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Local Auction House (#4302)

Find Treasures for Everyone at the Auction House

Visit the auction house to find your next unique treasure! Opened in 2008, the auction house in Martin, GA became Shelia and Chris Brown’s first location. You can visit the auction on Friday and Saturday nights beginning at 7:00 PM. We recommend arriving around 5:00 PM to have dinner from our full kitchen first!

Family-Friendly Atmosphere

The weekly auction is not only for old-timers buying and selling antiques. Many people in the Martin, GA area have enjoyed making the auction a staple family tradition. The auction encourages people to bring their families. After dinner, the kids get to watch movies and play games in another room monitored by staff while you get to enjoy the auction.
We are proud to offer a family-friendly atmosphere where people of all ages can come on down and have a good time! Everyone has fun on auction nights!

For more information, give us a call!

What to Expect

You can expect a wide variety of items at the auction on Friday and Saturday nights!

Some common items are:

  • Decorations for the home
  • Antique decor and furniture
  • Hand and power tools
  • Linens
  • Various houseware you won’t find in a department store
  • Clothing and shoes for all ages and sizes
  • Toys like you used to play with when you were a kid
  • Food items
  • And much more that may surprise you!

Each night is different and exciting! You won’t want to miss a single minute, so plan accordingly so you can stay until the end!

Dealers Welcome!

Call 706-768-7812 for details on how to be a dealer.

Bargain Hunting in Northeast GA | 2nd Time Around

Prepare for Auction Night

Make sure to stop by the front of the room to get your bid number before it begins. Don’t be afraid to invite a friend or two to experience the auction with you! We want your time at the auction to be fun and memorable! Feel free to ask staff to assist you if you have questions or are unsure how to bid, etc. We are happy to help!

Tip: Get your seats at the auction early! It’s a big deal and a lot of people show up. If you arrive late, there is a good chance there will be standing room only.

Bargain Hunting in Northeast GA | 2nd Time Around
Auction House with Full Kitchen in Northeast GA

Full Kitchen

Bring the family to the auction early for dinner! We have a full kitchen at the auction house with nightly specials. Everything is made fresh daily. The kitchen opens at 5:00 PM every Friday and Saturday.

You can expect food like chicken fingers, homemade soup or chili, BBQ sandwiches, hamburgers, fried pickles, fresh-cut french fries, and ice cream. Have a dinner the whole family will enjoy!

Our Other Locations

The auction house on the weekends is only one aspect of 2nd Time Around. We have three other bargain outlet locations that are open every day except Sunday.

Toccoa Store

Explore bargain shopping on an unlimited supply of items at one of our two bargain outlet stores. You can find tools, clothing, general merchandise, food, and so much more!

Royston Store

Similar to the Toccoa store, this location is another bargain outlet location. One wasn’t enough for all the bargains we have to offer! New items are added daily so you will never experience the same experience twice!

Lavonia Store

Discover vintage items and other general merchandise found at estate sales at the Lavonia location. Stop in regularly to see the new treasures that we’ve turned up!
Bargain Hunting in Northeast GA | 2nd Time Around
Visit our locations page to plan your visit!