Things You’ve Never Seen Before

Advice-on-Buying-Tools-GuideI appreciate finding bargains on the things I need – paper towels, food items, etc. I enjoy finding deals on items that I want, but could not afford at retail – techy items, clothes, household items, etc. But, I absolutely love seeing new and different items that I did not know existed (even when I don’t buy them) – antiques, art related items, inventions and handmade pieces, original advertising and promotional materials from Coca Cola, movies and much more.

I also enjoy the fun loving drama that Sheila brings to the party. She has so much fun, you can’t help but be engaged. In fact, 2nd Time Around Auction is becoming as much a destination as an opportunity to buy bargains. If you haven’t attended, or haven’t been lately, don’t miss the opportunity to have a special at the Paradise Canteen and catch up on the latest deals by a variety of vendors!

Lots of bargains that men love!

NT REWARDS1My husband loves to shop at 2nd Time Around. He enjoys going through the tools, and especially the electronics. He finds expensive computer equipment at very reasonable prices. He can find household repair items, and even great snacks. No problem getting him to go shopping with me. He is always ready, because finding just the right products is like a weekly (or more often) treasure hunt.

So, ladies, while you are looking for the perfect pair of shoes or necklace to complement that summer dress, turn him loose and let him search for just the right gift. Or surprise him with great gifts at fabulous prices! He’ll be very impressed with your financial savvy!

Easter Party for the Kids Saturday 4/19 at 6:00p.m.

excited child

a08570c4659811e1abb01231381b65e3_7Something for the whole family!

One of the things I appreciate most about Shelia and Chris Brown, owners of 2nd Time Around Shops and Auction House, is their interest in children. Each Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights, they provide supervised children’s activities in the Children’s Building so that parents can enjoy an evening out at the auction.

On Saturday April 19th at 6:00 p.m, 2nd Time Around Auctions will have a big Easter egg hunt for the kids, with lots prizes. And at 7:00 p.m., Chris and Shelia Brown will be the dealers for the evening, with fantastic fabulous finds and super bargains. If you haven’t attended one of these auctions, it’s a ‘must see’ event. If you have already enjoyed the great bargains and yummy food in the Paradise Canteen, then this event will be another great night out for the whole family!

Come Early. Stay Late.

IMG_1678As always, I am pleasantly surprised at the variety of merchandise that comes across the auction table each weekend. Sometimes I attend, hoping for something specific. But most of the time, I just show up to see what happens. On Friday and Sunday nights, there are several different sellers – some with longer time periods, and quite a few with only 15 minutes. If you leave early, you are likely to miss the biggest bargains. Where else can you buy quality merchandise at such a great price?

On Saturday night, there are dealers who bring truckloads of mostly new merchandise. They have so much inventory that they usually take the whole evening. On the first of every month, Chris and Shelia sell. They always have great stuff! And they make the evening so much fun. Shelia loves to model the hats and coats, and unusual items. I’m go glad they can have fun, too, because I know they work really hard.

I guess 2nd Time Around Auction has already become something of a family tradition!!


Best Bargains in NE Georgia

purses_croppedLooking for bargains? You’ve found the right places. 2nd Time Around offers fabulous finds without straining your budget. You will find quality merchandise –  new as well as gently used items – at thrift store prices.

2nd Time Around has 2 retail location in Hartwell and Royston. New merchandise comes in daily from storage units, special purchases, overstock from major retailers such as QVC, returns that have fully inspected from retailers like Home Depot, and other quality used merchandise. You never know what you’ll find at a fraction of the retail price!

Don’t miss out on all the fun going on each weekend at 2nd Time Around Auction House. Clean, heated, nice seating, planned activities for the children, great deals from scores of items offered by dealers from around north Georgia, and monitors for easier viewing , great food in the Paradise Canteen.

Auctioneers: Rodney Hall #2906; Nick Walker #3859 alternate
Shelia Brown – (706) 768-7812