Advice-on-Buying-Tools-GuideI appreciate finding bargains on the things I need – paper towels, food items, etc. I enjoy finding deals on items that I want, but could not afford at retail – techy items, clothes, household items, etc. But, I absolutely love seeing new and different items that I did not know existed (even when I don’t buy them) – antiques, art related items, inventions and handmade pieces, original advertising and promotional materials from Coca Cola, movies and much more.

I also enjoy the fun loving drama that Sheila brings to the party. She has so much fun, you can’t help but be engaged. In fact, 2nd Time Around Auction is becoming as much a destination as an opportunity to buy bargains. If you haven’t attended, or haven’t been lately, don’t miss the opportunity to have a special at the Paradise Canteen and catch up on the latest deals by a variety of vendors!

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